vendredi 21 août 2009

à 4 mains

dominos improvisés...
il fait très chaud,
je tourne au ralentis

bon été à tous
{impromptu dominos…the weather is very hot, I slow down here nice summer to everyone}

4 commentaires:

malo a dit…

I long for hot weather. We have fall around the corner up here in Stockholm. The nights getting chilly and the wind blowing harder.
I love your version of Domino. It looks both ancient and innovative.

natsumi nishizumi a dit…

It's been really hot and humid in NY too. we had nice and cool summer in the beginning but it turned to be hot weather... I can't wait for the fall.

These are lovely art work!!

bonne week end. oxo

isabelle a dit…

géniale ton idée de dominos !!

Jeannette a dit…

What a super idea. Next time on the beach I have to take some stones with me to make this. The kids will love it!
♥ Jeannette