mercredi 12 mai 2010

timbrée *

je les décolle et recolle sur des chaises depuis quelques années!
voici la timbrée #5
i do not collect stamps
i have separated them and resticks on some chairs for a few years!
here stamped the #5 
(*"timbrée" in french also means "nuts")

10 commentaires:

jgy a dit…

I love the stamps chair, and the way you arranged the photos so it comes by surprise!!!

nata a dit…

Tu veux qu'on t'envoie ou tu utilises juste ceux que tu reçois.

Francesca a dit…

PS Isn't it a terrible shame that stamps are being replaced by those awful and boring labels?

Tally a dit…

Quel bonne idée!
I collected stamps all through my youth and the pretty ones even later, kind of a habit.
Now it feels bad everytime I through one away, because lot of the are a little peace of art.
I will start collecting them again for sure.

n a t s u m i a dit…

Woow, so creative!! I really love the chair!

Cabrizette a dit…

ah d'accord !!! c'est très original comme recyclage !! Bravo !

Mlle Paradis a dit…

super - ta collection! une idee geniale! vraiment!

parisa mahmoudi a dit…

So great idea,so beautiful chair!!!

Daan a dit…

What a great chair! Love it!

la marmotte a dit…

excellent ! je n'avais pas vu !!!

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